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System of Active Stability
Traction & Brake Control
AC Power System
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Toyota's Winning Formula: Giving you the technological edge
Toyota's revolutionary forklift technologies give excellent safety while at the same time improving operating efficiency.
SAS(System of Active Stability)
System of Active Stability (SAS) is the world's first system that monitors forklift movements and keeps the forklift stable to help reduce the risk of tipping over. Along with excellent stability, SAS also includes revolutionary mast controls that help reduce the risk of forklift tip-overs and load spills.
TBC(Traction & Braking Control)
Traction & brake control (TBC) was developed for excellently safe and more efficient reach truck operation. When handling loads at high level or on slippery surfaces, TBC detects wheel spin and adjusts the drive motor speed. TBC includes front-assisted braking that detects rear wheel skidding and increases the braking force to the front wheels enabling quick stopping.
AC(Alternating Current Power)
The AC power system offers quick response, maintains "just charged" performance for longer periods, and reduces maintenance costs. With the AC power system, the operator can give priority to load-handling, operating time, or travel. AC is the future of battery-powered forklifts.
Solutions to achieve ultimate safety and efficiency are SAS, TBC, and AC.
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