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>Environmental Commitment
Toyota's Winning Formula: Caring for our earth.
Toyota's commitment to the environment is evident in the eco-friendly management systems that are used in our production facilities (ex. ISO 14001 obtained by Takahama Plant).
This commitment extends to our products:

- We are committed to developing battery-powered forklifts with the same performance levels as IC models.
- DPF-II (Diesel Particulate Filter) used to reduce emissions from diesel engines.
- 3-way Catalytic Converter System used to reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines.
- Vehicles, which run on clean energy such as LPG or CNG (compressed natural gas), emitting extremely low levels of SOx, which is a major cause of global warming and acid rain.
- All of our forklifts are manufactured to be 99% recyclable.

With efforts to further reduce noise, vibration, and fuel consumption, we are well on track to keeping our commitment to caring for the Earth.
DPFII (Diesel Particulate Filter)
DPF-II eliminates nearly 100% of the black carbon particles in diesel exhaust.
The filter is also designed for easy maintenance.

Forklift with DPF-II

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
    CNG Forklift ISO14001 JAER0009