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The continuous pursuit of ever-higher levels of quality has sustained Toyota's strength throughout our history and what will drive us into the future. The basic idea is to build in quality in every process from designing to manufacturing.

Build in quality in the engineering process
All the daily engineering operations link directly to ensuring high-quality in our products. Our engineers, who know the products inside out, utilize every tool including state-of-art experimental installation.
Toyota Production System and Kaizen
The Toyota Production System (TPS) and the practice of Kaizen (continuous improvement), which are now considered global standards, are at the heart of all that we do. Founded on the two main pillars of just-in-time parts delivery and autonomation, TPS has always strived to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. Kaizen is constantly carried out at the production sites to help eliminate waste and ensure high quality.
Passing on superior skills
Toyota is working to develop skilled workers and pass on our sophisticated techniques in assembly, welding, painting and more that come only with many years of experience. There are learning facilities within the plants to train skilled workers. Also, teaching involves programming robots to perform the same high-level procedures as our exceptionally skilled workers.