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Toyota regards environmental management as a major part of our corporate citizenship, and we are engaged in the following three areas:
-Curb global warming
-Use resources more efficiently
-Reduce environmental risk factors

Green Engineering
The 8FG/D, our newest model engine-powered forklift, was developed in response to environmental challenges. The 8FG/D is free of asbestos, mercury and cadmium. The amount of lead and hexavalent chromium is also dramatically reduced. The recyclability of the truck reaches 99% by implementing our 3R Design (3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). Additionally, options such as the Diesel Particulate Filter DPF-II and 3-Way Catalytic Converter System are offered to make the exhaust gasses cleaner.
Environmentally Responsible Production
Toyota addresses reduction of the burden on the environment in the manufacturing process. One example is single-coat painting for frames. Aiming to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the painting process imparts rust resistance and high external-appearance quality without an undercoat. Powder coating is used for masts. When the paint is blown onto the product, the excess paint is simultaneously taken up and reused.
Fuel-cell and Hybrid forklifts
In December 2004, in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation, we began development of a fuel-cell hybrid system for use in forklifts. Hybrid technology is another greatly anticipated technology for achieving major improvements in fuel efficiency. Using the full force of the Toyota Group's technological know-how, we are promoting the development of these eco-forklifts.