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In 1956, the Materials Handling Equipment business of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) started selling the first forklift through Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. (now Toyota Motor Corporation).
The biggest turning points for the business are the acquisition of BT Industries AB in 2000 and integration of Toyota Motor Corporation’s industrial equipment sales and marketing operation in 2001 into TICO group.
In 2006, all brands were placed under Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG). Through this organization, efforts are being made to pursue synergies among the historically strong brands with the aim of further strengthening global competitiveness.
TMHG will continue to grow to be a strong presence that meets diverse needs in the logistics workplace in countries and regions worldwide.


Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. (now Toyota Industries Corporation) established to manufacture and market Automatic Loom invented by Sakichi Toyoda.


Automobile Department set up to manufacture automobiles.


Automobile Department separates and becomes Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (now Toyota Motor Corporation)


First TOYOTA forklift (Model LA 1-ton) is introduced


Export operations start, which greatly expanded during the 1960's.


Starts operations at the Takahama Plant


The first production site outside Japan, Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Inc., established in Columbus, Indiana, USA.


Launches the Materials Handling System Division


BT Industries joins TICO Group


Takes over the industrial equipment sales division of Toyota Motor Corporation.


Toyota, BT, and Raymond integrated into Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG)


First FC forklift launched in Japan.


BT was founded by Ivan Lundquist in 1946 in Sweden. Import of equipment for the construction and transport sectors was BT’s original business. Production of hand pallet trucks began in 1947, and in the 50’s electric trucks were introduced. In 1949 the revolutionary pallet was introduced, which together with the hand pallet truck became BT’s breakthrough. Later known as the EUR pallet, it became the standard in much of Europe.

BT and Raymond became TOYOTA Group in 2001.


History of Raymond began when George Raymond, Sr. purchased a foundry in the Village of Greene, New York in 1922. With an eye for innovation and a vision for the future, George Raymond surrounded himself with talented employees who revolutionized the material handling industry. Keeping the spirit for more than 90 years, Raymond has been designing and manufacturing the superior electric lift trucks .

Raymond joined BT Group in 1997.

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